Weed Star Big Easy Shower Perc Bong Review

At Bong Reviews UK we love trying out all kinds of quirky and bespoke pieces, this being one of the most interesting that we have come across so far. Featuring a unique and exciting design that will leave a lasting impression on you and who-ever uses it… this isn’t one to miss!

Design And Features

This unusual but beautiful hourglass shaped bong, designed by Ziggi Jackson for Weed Star, is not one to be overlooked. With a slitted, shower head style down pipe and percolator it cools the smoke and makes it unbelievably creamy! With its high quality borosilicate glass it is a bong that is strong and more durable than many other glass smoking pieces. The vertical down pipe and bowl make this piece easy to load and convenient to light.

Weed Star Perc Bong Review - Bong Reviews UK

Weed Star Big Easy Perc Bong

  • Clear glass 18.8mm slide bowl
  • No carb/rush hole
  • 29.2mm > 18.8mm green glass showerhead downstem
  • Downstem replacement length: 18 cm / 7 inches

Due to the shape of this piece it is definitely a bong that should be smoked at home, it really needs to be placed on a flat table. Other than the fact this bong may be a little awkward to smoke on the go it is so smooth to smoke that it is really worth the investment! The long down stem and large amount of water that flows in and out of the percolator means that this bong bubbles really nicely; also despite it being short in height it takes a good amount of time for the smoke to rise. This bong may be a little difficult to clean at times with the right utensils and the right knowledge it will not take long.

For tips on cleaning your bong or pipe, why not check out this article.

This bong hits really nicely and a lot of this is really down to the amount of liquids it requires, 400-500ml! The amount of liquid is not really an issue as the shape (and the fact that any openings are at the top) means that spillages are almost impossible. The size of the socket that is provided with this bong is pretty good, not overly large but with a medium sized hole in the stem the bowl pulls fantastically.

Advantages of the Weed Star Big-Easy Bong

Beautiful Design: For a chilled out smoke this stunning looking bong deserves to be kept clean and really shine. The hourglass design and the designer’s signature and Weed Star logo etched on to the base and on the side is a really nice touch. It also has a small green nodule that is on the mouthpiece for grip with more Weed Star branding etched next to it.

Ease of use: Due to the upright design this bong is easy to load and light. This bong should preferably be smoked on an upright surface and when it is you can really admire how ergonomic the shape and design of it is. Slow, thick creaming smoke is something you can expect with almost every hit.

No carb hole: Although some may say this is a disadvantage on a bong I tend to disagree if it is a glass piece. Usually with a glass bong removal of the down pipe or bowl is sufficient; in the case of this bong, we recommend removing the down pipe either partially or entirely before inhaling the smoke as this allows for the smoothest hit.

Disadvantages of the Weed Star Big-Easy Bong

Hard to clean: This may be the case with many bongs but due to the thin down pipe, the vertical placement of the down pipe and the swan neck style mouth piece it is hard to get a non specialist bong cleaning tool in there. This bong should be cleaned regularly; especially if you are mixing your herb with tobacco as this tends to stain the glass more.

Portability: Due to the shape of this bong and the base being very large in diameter it is difficult to take this bong out to smoke. Although not impossible this bong is difficult to smoke and transport in a car and really not ideal to smoke without a table to place it on. I must really stress that this should not put you off this bong as it is a really good looking piece and gets complimented by everyone who sees it and smokes it for the first time.

Clearing out old smoke: Because of how the water creates a seal in this bong, even after total removal of the down pipe you can not blow into the mouthpiece to clear out old smoke. One of the only ways to do this is to suck the old smoke through and blow it out which is a really unpleasant experience (as I am sure many of you know!). The only other unpleasant but necessary way of clearing old smoke out is to remove the down pipe, place your fingers round the hole to make a seal and blow into the down pipe hole.The Big Easy Shower Perc Bong Review - Bong Reviews UK

The Weed Star Ziggi Jackson Design Perc Bong Rating

In conclusion this bong is really worth investing in if you are looking for a lovely piece to smoke at home. This bong is really one to show off and if kept clean will continue to turn heads and is one of the reasons why we give it the Bong Reviews UK rating of 8/10. The taste of the smoke from this bong is incredible and can even be fitted with a dome-less titanium nail to be turned into a full-on dab rig, of which it does an excellent job at!

The bespoke nature of the down pipe can make it difficult and expensive to replace but nonetheless the design is stunning and the thick Borosilicate does a great job at withstanding the odd knock. Overall I would definitely recommend giving this bong a try.

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