The Pax 2 Portable Vaporizer Review

The Pax 2 portable vaporizer review

Pax 2 - Portable vaporizer

The pax is available in a range of colours.

What is the Pax 2?

The Pax 2 is a relatively new herbal Vaporizer which is a predecessor from the original Pax which at the time, was one of the flag-ship vaporizers that you could buy selling millions of units. The new model looks sleek, modern and boasts a 25% size reduction, it also has a 10% weight reduction weighing in at just 90.2g, in comparison to the previous model which was just over 110g. This makes the Pax 2 an ideal unit for travel and vaping sessions on the go. The reduced size and weight of the newer model add to the discreet feel and look of the Vaporizer.

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Is it a good day to day Vaporizer?

In my opinion the Pax 2 is probably one of the best Vaporizers to take out and about with you, not only is it a stunning looking piece of kit, it is especially useful when traveling due to its re-vamped battery which can now provide up to 2 hours of vaping power on the go, which is a lot higher than most other models out there.  Not only does the unit already have pretty good battery life, but it’s further extended by the lip sensing feature that is built in, the lip sensing feature will lower the heat of the Pax 2 when its not being drawn from, and if it’s not drawn for a while, then it will turn off thus saving you a lot of battery time, especially if your prone to leaving your herbal vaporizer on after a session.

Another useful day-to-day feature that the Pax 2 herbal Vaporizer includes is that unlike the original, this new unit comes with a much larger heating chamber, which allows you to heat up a lot more dry herb in one session, rather than having to keep filling up the Unit which was a draw-back of the original Pax. This larger unit also allows more air-flow to be passed through the herbs, giving you a richer, thicker flavour which is something that’s always great to have in a portable vaporizer.

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How the Pax 2 draws

The Pax 2 - Portable vaporizer review

The Pax 2 portable Vaporizer’s draw strength is impressive, with its larger herb chamber than its predecessor it means that a lot more herbs can be heated in one session providing you with a lot more vapor and a richer, fuller flavour which envelopes your mouth almost in an instant.

This Vaporizers flavour is second to none for such a small unit and cannot be compared to similar sized units such as the Goboof Alfa portable vaporizer, which although is a similar size to the Pax 2, doesn’t really have a great sized herb chamber, it also just doesn’t really provide great hits unlike the Pax.

The Pax 2 review summary

Overall the Pax 2 really is a great portable herbal Vaporizer and Pax have done a great job of ensuring that its an improvement on its predecessor, ironing out all the faults and problems that people had with the Unit previously. The pax 2 is now a solid Vaporizer that is stunning to look at and feel as well as being fundamentally useful in the fact that it is ideal if you’re traveling, are away from home, or even at home!

Overall – 4/5

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