The Benefits Of Portable Vaporizers

We here at Bong Reviews UK have been using vaporizers now for a while. If you are pretty new to herbal vaporizers then you may or may not have seen one before, today is you chance to change that with us showing you some of the best portable vaporizers on the market, as well as some of the biggest benefits and draw-backs of portable vaping.

Benefits of herbal vaping

  • No combustion – This is one of the biggest advantages for people, as there is no combustion there are no toxic fumes/dangerous chemicals being released, providing you with a clean, healthy smoke like vapor when you breathe out after inhaling. This can be great for people who are trying to quit smoking tobacco as portable vaporizers can be taken anywhere and tend to be very discrete, meaning if your craving a smoke, you can simply take out your vaporizer and take a few draws.Why-Vape
  • The flavor – The difference in flavor between vaping and simply smoking your herb is massive, vaping allows you to slowly draw hot air around your herbs enveloping the flavor and filling your mouth with a tasty thick vapor, where-as smoking your herb will  only release a few of those major flavor notes.
  • Discrete – With vaping being relatively new (especially in the UK) and un-established, not many people actually realize what you are doing and simply mistake your herbal vaporizer for an e-cig mod or Shisha pen. This allows you to vape when you are out and about anywhere without being worried about being stopped by somebody because they know what you’re doing. Another bonus is that vaporized herb doesn’t smell familiar to people unlike smoked-herb, it has a pop-corn like smell which will put people off if they were thinking you are vaping herbs.

Draw-backs of herbal vaporizers

  • Relatively small battery life – Most portable units tend to have pretty small batteries that will only last around 30-45 minutes of constant usage, this is often due to the manufacturer wanting to keep the vaporizer unit smaller and more portable. So when it comes to battery life make sure you check before buying a herbal vaporizer to make sure that it suits you for your needs.
  • Small bowl size – Portable vaporizers tend to have pretty small bowl sizes, this is often to ensure that the unit as a whole isn’t too big as this will take away from it being a discrete option. The bowl sizes range from 0.2g+ of dry material, so its good to look around for one that suits you.

Top portable vaporizers

As you can see there are a number of benefits and draw-backs to portable vaporizers and every different unit tends to be tailored slightly for different usage. Say for example you need something rugged, sturdy and powerful to take camping with you, there’s a vaporizer specially for activities like this, that’s what makes choosing your first unit so special, tailoring it to you and your needs. Here is one of our current top vaporizer picks;

The Pax 2 – This is a relatively new vaporizer out there on the market but it comes from one of the best, with the original pax being one of the best selling units out there. With a 25% size and a 10% weight reduction from its predecessor it has truly become on of the most portable vaporizers that money can buy, the Pax 2 also sports a larger heating chamber allowing you to heat up a lot of dry herb at once rather than having to vape it in a few sessions, again making the unit more practical for portable usage.

Pax 2 - Portable vaporizerThe Pax’s battery usage is also second to none with its re-vamped battery allowing up-to 2 hours of vaping power, this can further be extended by the lip sensing feature that will lower the heat of the unit and eventually turn it off if the unit isn’t drawn from for a while, which is a nifty power-saving feature.

If you are interested in the Pax 2 Portable vaporizer click here to find out more. We at Bong Reviews UK will be releasing a full review on this vaporizer in the next week or two so make sure you stick around for that!

Also be sure to contact us if you would like to recommend us new vaporizer/herbal products to review and show on our website!

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