How To Clean Your Bong Properly

We all remember how our bong once looked, shining down on us like a glistening crystal vase. Now, a few months down the line it stands there rotting in the corner of a room. In this post we here at bong reviews UK will be going over how you can clean and maintain your glass or acrylic bong many months after you originally purchased it.

As you can see from this picture, a dirty bong really isn’t very attractive at all. If you ever want to give anyone else the pleasure of using, or even just looking at your piece then make sure it doesn’t look like this. Otherwise who can truly blame the person if they turn it down.

Luckily for us, cleaning your bong doesn’t have to be as hard as it may seem and look. There there are a number of extremely useful cleaning products out there that are readily available on the market for you to use, these range from solutions, brushes, plugs and wipes so it’s at your discretion which route you want to go down. Below we have picked a few great, tried and tested products that we know will help you make your bong shine again.


  • Formula 420 Super glass bong cleaning formula – This is a specialist bong cleaner that’s highly concentrated to give you maximum value for you money with only 3 to 4 drops necessary (depending on the size of your rig) to make your bong shine again. In terms of application it’s also really easy, just drop some of the cleaning formula into your bong and simply leave for a minute or two, fill with lukewarm water then rinse out and smoke! Also, this is one for all you people who don’t like synthetic products as the 420 Super glass cleaner is a 100% natural cleaning solution and won’t contaminate your piece!
  • Effin Clean Multi-surface Cleaner sachets – Unlike the g-spot glass cleaner the Effin-clean multi-surface bong cleaner comes in handy sachet packets, meaning you can carry them around with you anywhere and at anytime which may be useful when it comes to taking your piece with you when traveling. Again something that differs from the G-spot cleaning solution is that you can also use it on acrylic, ceramic and even metal bongs which is a really big bonus for people who have a range of pieces or even don’t use glass. Just simply empty a sachet in to your piece, add some hot water and give it a shake, empty out the fluid and there you have your essentially brand new bong!
  • Straight-Headed Pipe cleaning tool – A bong can never be truly clean until you have worked at each corner of the bowl with a pipe cleaning tool, this allows you to get the bits of grime and dirt that no amount of rinsing will get rid of. This cleaning tool in particular has a straight head which allows you to thoroughly clean each nook and cranny due to its flexible wire build. All Pipe cleaning tools come in a variety of lengths to make sure that it will fit all the way down your piece, therefore you should always be sure to measure your bong before looking into getting one as you don’t want to be disappointed when it arrives!

When it comes to cleaning your bong keeping it regular really is key, if you often let it get out of hand and don’t clean it for months on end then you may find that some stains may be permanent, and no matter how hard you scrub, will simply never come off, therefore it is important to have products like these in your arsenal which should enable you to easily maintain a glistening, clean bong months after you originally purchased it.

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    […] Small down-stem, although the down-stem isn’t too small at 91mm in length its not the best size for a bong of this class. This is great for a portable bong as it allows ease of taking out the stem and wrapping it separately, but as a home bong this may be an issue as it could get clogged and dirty quickly meaning cleaning it would be pretty regular. If you want to find out some tips on cleaning your glass bong, check out our post – How to clean your bong properly. […]

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