Glass Bongs vs Acrylic Bongs

At Bong Reviews UK we know that when deciding what bong to buy, or deciding which one to add to your collection then you should always weigh up the pros and cons of each.  Both glass and acrylic (Plastic) bongs have many different characteristics and features that may work better depending on your needs. 

So now, lets weigh up the pro’s and cons of each.

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  • Acrylic Bongs tend to be considerably cheaper than their glass counterparts, with acrylic bongs costing anything between £10 and £40 both on the highstreet in ‘head shops’ and online. 
  • Glass bongs tend to come at more of a price, you can land yourself a very basic one from £20 but they can be found at anything up to £200! Some people actually spend crazy amounts on customizing their own glass bongs, so it’s often down to the individual and what they are ready to spend.

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  • Acrylic bongs tend to be far more durable with regards to potential breakages, and are therefore considerably easier to fix with tape. You are highly unlikely to break an acrylic bong unless you accidentally knock it off a table and onto a hard floor.
  • Glass bongs on the other hand, are relatively easy to break and breakages are almost always unfixable which can often be a huge draw-back. If taken care of properly the glass bong comes out way above the acrylic in terms of its lifespan, if kept clean and in good order a glass bong can last for a number of years! Although Acrylic bongs are thought to be more temporary and replaceable, therefore a cheaper price reflects this.


  • The acrylic bong takes the award for portability, if you like to smoke your bongs outside or in your car then I highly recommend an acrylic bong. They are lighter, easier to manoeuvre, the bong liquid is generally easier to dispose of and due to the strength of the acrylic plastic you don’t need to worry about breaking it whilst on the move in most cases.
  • Glass bongs are not really ideal to be smoking out and about, due to how easy they are to break and how much heavier they are. On the other hand, if smoking bongs indoors is your preference then a glass bong could the best investment that you’ve ever made!


  • In terms of emptying out liquids neither glass nor acrylic bongs come out on top. They can both be equally as easy or as difficult to empty out liquids from. Due to the glass bongs and their many percolators, accessories are often what makes them difficult to empty. However, some acrylic bongs can be emptied out by just removing the stand, this enables you to avoid emptying the liquid through the ‘rush hole’ or worst case scenario the mouth piece.dirty bong
  • Glass bongs are probably both easier and more rewarding to clean; but they do tend to look dirtier quicker than acrylic bongs, this is generally due to most glass bongs being clear glass and most acrylic bongs being colourful. The more accessories your glass bong has the more complex it may be to clean. A glass bong will almost always clean up as good as new, this makes the slightly higher price worthwhile, if kept well it will last for life! The acrylic plastic material is not going to last as well as its glass counterpart and the plastic seems to hold the smell of the smoke, meaning plastic bongs may smell awful even after they’ve been cleaned properly.

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  • Glass bongs win this category hats off, you can buy a multitude of accessories to make your glass bong exactly what you are looking for, aesthetically and practically. Both online and in head shops you can buy different down pipes, bowls, diffusers and ash catchers enabling you to fully customize your smoking experience. There are even sites and shops will create you your very own customized bong!
  • Acrylic bongs pretty much come as they are, with the height of customization being stickers and whether it has a bucket shaped bowl or a cone shaped one. They VERY rarely come with anything as cool as a percolator or a precooler and often if they do, then it won’t be up to the Glass standard. Although on the other hand they do come in a wider variety of designs and colours than glass bongs, however, the features in a glass bong tend to be a lot more aesthetically pleasing than looking into an opaque acrylic bong.


  • The taste and feel of your finest green drawn through a bubbling, smoke cooling glass bong is a taste (and feeling) like no other. When it comes to taste a glass bong tends to hold the true taste of the herb, whereas plastic bongs get bunged up with resin and tar, which ultimately effects the taste and quality of the smoke.
  • An acrylic bong can taste good too if kept properly clean; acrylic bongs can go weeks, even months in the back of a car or hidden away somewhere uncleaned. The down pipe on an acrylic bong is generally considerably smaller that that of a glass bong meaning they’re more likely to get clogged up, generally the trick to keeping an acrylic bong tasting good is to keep it clean, in particular the down pipe and the cone as these seem to be the main problem areas.


Overall there is no better option as it often comes down to you and your personal preferences. For example if you don’t need to take your Bong out and about regularly, but you would like to have a large piece that you can leave at home and smoke from time to time, then a glass bong would almost certainly be a better choice for you. On the other hand if you rarely smoke inside and aren’t able to leave it one place the whole time but you would like to smoke large hits, then i’d recommend a large acrylic style bong as this will give you both the hits and portability that you need and desire.

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