Buying Online vs In-Store

When it comes to buying anything in-store, there is often the assumption that you are getting a good deal. Especially when the store is a small one, but this is where a lot of people go wrong and end up losing out on a whole lot of bang for their buck. In this post I shall be going over the pro’s and con’s of buying your smoking accessories online as well as in-store, and which one will give you the best quality and price.

Buying online – Online head-shops have popped up more and more often online nowadays, and a lot of them are selling a huge variety of smoking products from bongs to zip-lock baggies at often discounted prices. But is all of the choice really a good thing, or just something that will confuse you and trick you to spending even more money than you wanted to in the first place.

Here are some of the Pro’s and cons of buying your smoking accessories online:

  • The variety – The sheer amount of products that some of these websites have is astounding, this is something that you’d really struggle to get from your local headshop (that’s barely as big as your bedroom). All of this choice means you can be more careful with what you purchase as you can compare it to other similar products that are different prices and go from there. Where-as instore you may only have a choice of one type of particular item which severely limits your ability to compare products.
  • Convenience – The feeling of ordering a brand new glass percolator bong from the comfort of your own home cannot be beaten(see our glass percolator bong review), it also saves you a lot of hassles such as driving to your local store, walking etc. The fact that what you order also comes straight to your door is also a lot more convenient and has the plus side that nobody will notice what it is inside the package, in comparison to walking around your local town with a big bong in your hand covered in black bags.
  • Expensive shipping costs – Often if you’re buying a large bong or something that is quite big, it will be pretty costly to be sent unless of course you buy from a website that gives you free shipping(often if you spend over a certain amount).
  • Can’t get a feel for it in person – This is one of the biggest downfalls when it comes to getting smoking accessories online as there have often been times where you wonder if the product is actually going to be like it is in the image. When it comes to buying things like grinders and bongs, when you want it to be a specific size as although measurements of the products are often provided, it is usually quite hard to judge what it will be like in the flesh.

Buying in-store – Many people choose to buy in-store rather than going online simply because they feel it is the easier option. But it is extremely easy to be drawn into a product when you are looking in a shop, this means your budget often ends up going out the window making you spend extra cash.

There are ways you can get good deals in stores though, all you need to do is have a good look around. There are always local markets selling cheap herbal smoking accessories from bongs, grinders, papers to pipes and sometimes vaporizers. So make sure you are on the look-out for them if you don’t want to pay the extra that stores on high-streets charge, although you do need to always make sure the product you buy is actually in working order and isn’t broken(as there have been plenty of people who have bought bongs that aren’t even air-tight..).

At the end of the day though, we suggest sticking to whichever one you think you are getting the better deal from. If you have only ever bought smoking supplies online then maybe venture in to your local headshop and see what you can find! But on the other hand if you only ever buy in-store then have a look online at sites like Everyone Does It and Grasscity (a simple search will also turn up a lot more), we are pretty sure you will find something you like!

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