Black Leaf Discmaster Bong Review

The Discmaster glass bong review

Welcome to the Black Leaf Multi-Level Discmaster glass bong review, we shall be going over some of the features that this amazing glass bong has to offer as well as give you the advantages and disadvantages of this piece. So without any further ado, lets begin the review.

Black leaf bong review

Black Leaf DiscMaster Multi-level glass bong

Design and features overview

This glass bong from Black leaf truly is stunning and comes with a whole host of features which really do separate it from similar bongs that are out there on the market. The Discmaster features a straight-line design enabling you to get a full-body strong, yet cool hit from every rip. We have put together a list of some of the key features below:

  • 38cm Height
  • 5mm Glass thickness
  • 91mm down-stem length
  • 5 Level water-cooling perc system
  • Diffuser system

At 38cm tall it really does fit in between the category of a ‘home’ and a ‘portable’ glass bong, which is really handy if you are using it for both home and out and about uses. The 5mm glass thickness will also re-assure you that it won’t break on you whilst doing so, which some thinner glass bongs tend to have a habit of doing when used ‘ruggedly’. The 91mm Down-stem length is adequate for a bong of this size, although it is not the best in terms of length, the bong itself still bubbles fantastically which is what really makes the Black leaf discmaster really stand out. Yet another feature which sets this bong apart and is most probably the game-changer in my opinion, is the 5 level water-cooling percolator system which does an amazing job of cooling the smoke through each and every layer, it is also extremely simple to clean which is often a problem with many percolator systems.

You can find the Black Leaf Discmaster Bong here.

How the Black Leaf Discmaster bong rips/Hits

When I first got the Black Leaf Discmaster in for this review I was shocked at how smooth it pulled and how the percolators cooled the smoke, I was filling the fairly generous glass socket that is provided with ease and still taking in the whole hit which is a sign of a great bong. It didn’t seem to need to much liquids inside of it, which meant that in the rare case that spillages occur, nobody would be splashing out the money for a new carpet. Overall it is a great hitter and is good for people who want to be able to take a big hit in one, and still have it taste cool and smooth.

Advantages of the Discmaster glass bong

  • Bong height, the Discmaster does a great job of ensuring that this glass bong can still be taken outside of the house, which is always something that is looked for when purchasing a bong. The glass thickness of 5mm also ensures that its portable, but not easily smash-able.
  • Percolator system, the 5 level cooling system on the Black Leaf Discmaster bong is second to none, doing an astounding job of cooling the smoke as it rises through the bong, topping it off with the tip percolator on the final level. You are also able to add ice on-top of the percolator meaning you can further cool your smoke, for even bigger hits.
  • Price, Black leaf provide some of the highest quality bongs for their price range with the Discmaster ranging from £60-90 it’s a masterpiece for the money and portability and cannot let you down taste-wise.

Disadvantages of the Discmaster glass bong

  • Small down-stem, although the down-stem isn’t too small at 91mm in length its not the best size for a bong of this class. This is great for a portable bong as it allows ease of taking out the stem and wrapping it separately, but as a home bong this may be an issue as it could get clogged and dirty quickly meaning cleaning it would be pretty regular. If you want to find out some tips on cleaning your glass bong, check out our post – How to clean your bong properly.

The Black Leaf Discmaster Bong Reviews UK Rating

Overall the Black Leaf Discmaster glass bong is a memorable one and stands out because of its great affordability, portability, price tag and its percolator system, also with a 5mm glass thickness you will find it difficult to break this bong, even when taking it out and about. Therefore I will be giving this bong a Bong Reviews UK rating of 9/10, making this one of our best featured so far, and in my opinion one of the greatest we have currently featured here on our site. Looking for the Discmaster percolator bong? Find it here.

Thanks for reading our Black Leaf Discmaster glass bong review, if you would like to request us to review a specific product, then please contact us here and we will get back to you.

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