Black Leaf Beaker 6 Arm Bong Review

Welcome to the Black Leaf 6 arm percolator beaker bong review. Its been a while since we’ve got our hands on another glass bong from Black Leaf with the last one being the Discmaster which was an excellent all round smoking unit, but how will this piece match up in comparison?

Design and Features

The Black Leaf Beaker bong is a truly beautiful piece which features a 6 arm tree style percolator that provides some of the coolest smoke in its class for all of those who love to rip huge bowls. Being made from a high quality 4mm thick Borosilicate glass you can rest assured that you won’t be looking at a large repair job at some point down the line when you eventually knock it on something which is another excellent feature for a bong of this standard to have. Featuring a 38cm straight line design with a large beaker base, this bong is able to provide massive hits time after time, with the capabilities of adding ice which can further enhance the pleasure that this piece provides. Some of its other key features include:

Black leaf beaker bong review

The Black Leaf 6 Arm percolator glass bong

  • 18.8mm Ground joint
  • 14.5mm bowl for all of your herbs
  • Slitted diffuser downstem
  • Ice catcher
  • Rimmed mouth-piece for comfort
  • Carb hole

As you can see this bong has a number of excellent features that make using it on the regular a breeze, the carb hole providing a portable aspect which im sure many people will appreciate.

How the Black Leaf 6 Arm beaker bong hits

On the whole, I really enjoyed my time using this Bong as it consistently provided me with many flavour-some hits which were perfectly cooled by the 6 arm perc tree system that works a treat at removing the harsh hit from the smoke. When paired with ice inside the ice-catcher this Bong does an even better job at cooling the smoke down and prevents you from getting a harsh hit.

Advantages of the Black Leaf beaker bong

  • Beaker base – Despite being often overlooked, the beaker base is an excellent choice for a Bong style as it allows for a fairly large amount of water which goes a long way in cooling the smoke down even before it hits the 6 arm perc system.
  • Carb hole – Unlike many similar designs the Black Leaf beaker bong comes with a carb hole which gives you the option of releasing the smoke by removing your finger from the hole, however for all of those who aren’t used to a carb hole, you can also diffuse it by removing the bowl.
  • Price – For a Bong of its stature this comes in at a fairly low price point of £50-80, this means it is perfect for use either as a home-driver or even as a portable on-the-go unit thanks to the carb hole which allows for easy drainage of fluids.

Disadvantages of the Black Leaf beaker bong

  • Hard to clean – In terms of cleaning, this Bong may be tricky thanks to the 6 arm tree percolator which loves to fill with debris and dirt if you’re not careful. However if you have a decent amount of time on your hands then you shouldn’t need to worry as with regular maintenance and rinses, you shouldn’t have a problem with keeping the Bong as good as new.
  • Large base – Due to the large beaker base that this Bong features you may find yourself catching it on things when moving it around which could be potentially dangerous, something which I found out very early on. However thanks to the 4mm thick borosilicate glass it can take quite an impact before cracking or becoming damaged.

The Black Leaf 6 arm percolator bong rating

Overall the Black Leaf 6 arm glass percolator bong is an excellent choice for use as a mid-range bong thanks to its many features and portability which make it extremely popular across the board, no matter what type of smoker you may be. This Bong gets a Bong Reviews UK rating of 9/10, this is only awarded to truly high end products that provide excellent value for money, something which we believe this Bong is able to offer.

Like the look of this bong? Find it here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Black Leaf 6 arm percolator glass bong review, to get in contact or to suggest a product for us to review please contact us here.

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  1. HighTokes420 says:

    Bought this bong after reading this review and haven’t looked back since. Hits really smoothly and I am pleased I found a glass bong this good with a carb hole coz I like that! Will come back next time I am looking for a bong!

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