Benefits Of Using A Bong Or Waterpipe

Here at Bong Reviews UK we understand the benefits and draw-backs that many different smoking methods entertain, with many people having a preference over their favorite option. Inside this article we shall be outlining some of the main benefits to using a Bong or Waterpipe, from taste to the ability to get you high!

Larger hit

Smoking your herb through a bong or water pipe allows Bong Rip - Bong Reviews UKfor a much larger hit than traditional joint smoking.

When smoking a full bowl of herb you can expect to use up to 0.7g depending on how high you want to get providing a versatile experience. Along with this Bongs  help to densify the smoke which encourages a powerful hit. As you can imagine a large amount of herb per bowl causes a considerable amount of smoke to rise in the chamber, meaning when smoked properly a huge hit can be achieved. However if a smoker is unable to clear all of this smoke it can be wasteful as the smoke can taste stale quite quickly.

Many bong lovers would argue that smoking your herb through a bong can make it last much longer than smoking joints. Depending on where you are in the world you will see people take different sized and style hits; such as in America where they tend to only partially light a bowl, so that it can be freshly lit on the other side and hit again. In the UK most people tend to smoke the whole bowl and pull the burnt ash through into the bong water, this is much cleaner and more convenient than smoking the American way or even using an ash catcher!

Smoke Purification

Many smokers and scientists alike argue that smoking your herb through a bong or water pipe helps to purify carcinagens and particulate matter from the smoke. Whilst most of the studies that have been conducted have been done on tobacco smoke passed through bongs, much can be alikened to smoking weed through bongs too. Not to forget that many people also smoke tobacco with the weed in their bong!

A study conducted for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 1963 shows 50% less particulate matter when smoking tobacco through a bong or water pipe compared to a traditional cigarette. Smoking tobacco through a bong also reduced the amounts of benzo-a-pyrene, a chemical with a known link to reproductive damage and cancer, in the smoke by 50%. Lets face it though, you have not got to be a scientist to look at the bong water and be grateful that all of the crap that is in there is not in your lungs.

Cooling your hitice bong example - bong reviews uk

Bongs not only filter the smoke from all kinds of funky chemicals, they also help to cool and thicken the smoke which makes for a smoother smoking experience. When filled to the correct level, the water in a bong does wonders for cooling down and purifying the smoke. Many bong smokers would hands down argue that bong smoke is smoother to inhale than the smoke from a joint. Although many people think bongs are renouned for making people cough, this only tends to be if it is not smoked properly of if you smoke too big of a hit!

Many bongs have special features that help to make the smoke smoother and even cool it down in temperatue. Percolators are a feature that provide in-line smoke-water interaction which helps to further purify the smoke in addition to the water that the down pipe enters. Many bongs have notches on the inside which are often referred to as ‘ice catchers’, these allow cubes of ice to be placed into the bong to directly cool the smoke as it passes the ice. Both percolators and ice are great ways to make your bong smoke cool, tasty and super smooth.

No By-products

Many people argue that rolling papers alone contain a myriad of harmful chemicals. Not only do bongs filter out all kinds of crap from the weed/tobacco smoke like our last point explains but they also mean no paper needs to be smoked, only herb!

Many companies add chemicals to the papers to make them thinner, stronger and burn for longer. White papers tend to be bleached with nasties like chlorine and calcium carbonate. Often coloured papers and blunt wraps contain potassium nitrate which is linked to respiratory tract damage and cancer. Lots of smokers actively seek certain brands of rolling paper due to their natural or organic selling point; I guess if you are going to smoke paper, the thinner and less bleached the better!

Social smoking

Although there is no denying that it is nice to sit Social smokers - Bong Reviews UKthere with a joint to yourself after a stressful day, there is no aid to social smoking like a bong. Whether you are with a group of experienced bong smokers or first time bong smokers, getting the bong out will always be a winner. There is every argument to suggest that it is more social to sit around in a group and pass a nice water pipe around, if it is a beautifully designed glass one then even better! A nice bong is a talking point and can be admired by all.

Whether it is a bong, a bubbler, a vaporizer or a dab rig, having a tool to pass around when smoking your herb with your friends makes everything better. Chill out, pack a bowl and pass the bong to the left my friend.

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