A Cheap But Solid Herb Grinder

In this bong reviews uk update we have a great post about one of the greatest low budget metal grinders that you can get your hands on, the flame top sifter. In this new series of posts we are going to be opening your eyes to some of cheapest yet high quality grinders around the web.

A lot of people can be easily fooled by some of the products out there on the web and in-store as often brands charge a lot more for simply, average quality stuff. This means that people often overlook some of the lesser-known/non-branded grinders simply because they haven’t heard of them before, but in the majority of cases they are missing out on a great deal of savings and often better quality.

Bud Buddy Flame top sifter

Bud Buddy Flame top sifter

All about it

This grinder is an extremely high quality piece of kit set for any herbal arsenal, with an anodized metal finish it has a great premium look, despite the low price point at just £14.99. Complete with 4 different compartments, including a sifter to collect the finest of the grinded material.  At 40mm diameter its also great to fit in any small bag and you don’t have to worry about not fitting a lot inside of it, as it still fits a great amount!

How it grinds

This is one of the smoothest herbal grinding tools around crushing your herbs with ease and with minimal stress on your part. It comes with a silicone ring around the main part of the grinder to ensure that the metal doesn’t wear over time. But what is also great is that the teeth on the grinder are actually incredibly sharp and sturdy and really don’t look as if they’d wear over a long period of time, which again is something great to have in a low budget herbal grinder.


If you aren’t looking to break the bank on a new herbal grinder then this flame top sifter really is the way to go, I have had mine a few weeks now and it has become my go to one due to the smoothness and quality feel to it. I have also managed to save up a nice quantity of finer grinded material at the bottom part of the grinder as the sifter seems to be really effective and hasn’t clogged up at all throughout heavy usage.

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